How do you hide gold from gold at home?

Experts advise burying precious metals four feet deep. While some gold owners suggest burying a soda can over the gold to prevent the metal from detecting thieves, all it takes is a second wave of the detector to find more treasure buried under the scrap. Most people decide to buy a safe or bury it in the ground. However, many thieves bring their own metal detectors that can detect gold up to 15 inches below the surface.

Your best bet is to bury it at least 4 feet deep and put a can of soda or other metal a few meters high. For example, in your yard, you can hide gold coins directly under a metal drain pipe. Or under a larger collection of buried metal scrap. While everyone has a different opinion on how and where to hide gold and silver, my strategy focuses on gold ownership as a safe haven for assets.

If you need to store some gold jewelry or other small gold stocks, then you can put them in a small safe somewhere in your house. Whether you choose to stay in your home country or not, offshore gold storage offers an affordable way to store gold in a highly secure environment. Celente would recommend letting said mother-in-law know about your secret stash of gold, I don't agree with this particular method of storing gold. Whether you are looking to hide gold yourself or are simply curious to know how to do it, below you will find information that will help you prevent your gold from being detected by a metal detector.

This all depends on the size and weight of the safe you buy to store your gold, which entails the biggest problem when it comes to storing your gold in a safe. Consider using this advice to prevent your gold from being detected, but don't think that your gold will be safe from everyone.

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